Broke Celeb Gang Takes Home The Trophy

Born in Griffn Georgia, the songwriting, rapping/singing duo Kdolla & TraCSlater started from humble beginnings.
Kdolla [K$] although being heavily influenced by all genre of music credits most his musical influences to R&B/Soul artist such: Earth, Wind, & Fire; Marvin Gaye; etc.. His soulful approach to life shows thru his calm demeanor and laid back approach to music.
TraCSlater however is almost the complete opposite when it comes to flow and personality. Slater credits most  of his musical influences to his southern up bringing and the goals/values instilled in him by his family at a young age. Also giving credit to such artist as Outkast, T.I., etc.. Tra’s everyday party life experiences and “Turn Up” since of a personally defines him and his approach to music.  Together they are “B.C.G; Broke Celeb Gang. B.C.G. took there everyday thoughts, ideas, lifestyles, wit to a studio and walked out with their debut mixtape “Bout Damn Time.” {Download link:}. “Bout Damn Time” took south atlanta by storm, earning over 2,500 views within the 72hrs of its release.
B.C.G. has first began to make noise in the South with their Hit Single(s) “Slow Ft. Big Kuntry Kang”. & “Good Life” which are also featured on their mixtape. Now that you know all you need to know about BrokeCelebGang….. F.D.T.U. SupportBCG!


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